Our current facilities based at Urtegata 11 are a pilot project under constant development. All of our facilities can't be open all of the time but we try to be as flexible as possible. If you've a project no matter how small or large just send us an email or phone us and we'll help you out.


email: info@fellesverkstedet.no
Phone: (+47) 22 38 18 98

Opening hours

monday-friday 09.00 to 17.00


Pricing Models

Fellesverkstedet has two different price models: Full price or Full price with a 63% discount.

We strive to reduce the threshold for creativity, investigation and production. Reducing production costs is a simple measure we use in order to reach this goal, but we must also evaluate users projects according to potential competition with established industry and Fellesverkstedets current economic situation.

So, which price model can we offer you? Well the choice is not dependent on you, or your profession; it's dependent upon the actual project and what is being produced. In order to make this decision making process as simple and transparent as possible we've produced a flow chart. It should give you an idea about which model we can offer for your project.

Below the flowchart you'll find our current prices and some examples. Fellesverkstedet is a non-profit organisation, our prices are based on our actual costs and are adjusted according to our current levels of financing. The prices are listed in NOK including taxes (Full price in parentheses)


Usage of Fellesverkstedet is based on a daily rate, one pays what it costs, we don't force a membership fee upon you! The daily rate includes workspace and access to hand and electrical tools. The daily rate helps us to cover: our rent, administration, assistance, cleaning...and coffee and toilet paper!

225,00 (608,00) / 1/2 Day

450,00 (1.216,00) / Day


At Fellesverkstedet we want everyone to be able to produce whatever they want no matter what their previous experience. It's the idea and will to produce that should count! We want to be able to help everyone, that's what we like to do, but we have limited manpower and we have to be realistic and work according to the current level of our financing. We try not to charge for guidance and training, but if one of us needs to help you over a longer period of time we currently need to charge for this service.

260,00 (700,00) / hour

Pricing examples:


User: Previous experience, but needs a little help!
Usage: Promo, non-profit org.
Consumables: 50x70cm
2 colour image
25 pcs


Daily rate (1 day): 450,00
Training (1 hour): 260,00
Screens (2 pcs): 420,00
Positives (2 x 50 Lcm): 291,00
TW Ink (0.5 lt): 239,00
Wear and tear (2 x 25 pcs): 110,00

TOTAL: NOK 1770,00 + paper


User: No experience with CNC but can draw with Illustrator!
Usage: Prototype


Daily rate (1/2 day): 225,00
Training (2 hours): 520,00
Machinepark CNC (1 hour): 105,00

TOTAL: NOK 850,00 + material


User: Lots of experience but no access to own workshop!
Usage: Sale


Daily rate (1 day): 1216,00
Machinepark CNC (2 hours): 400,00

TOTAL: NOK 1616,00 + material


A workshop needs machines! At Fellesverkstedet we've chosen machines for high quality production. We have the tools you've always wanted! These need to be maintained and serviced in order to keep up both quality and safety standards. This means we have to have a separate hourly rate for some of our machine parks.

CNC - 105,00 (284,00) / hour

LASER - 105,00 (284,00) / hour

WOOD - 74,00 (200,00) / hour


Some of our machine parks need specialist consumables such as emulsion, paper and router bits, these we always have in stock. We also have really good deals with the majority of suppliers that most of you need. We normally order materials according to your specific needs as opposed to having a storage facility full of materials that are almost, but not quite what you need!



Our equipment is listed according to technique and department, but that by no means restricts the use of a piece of equipment to a specific area!


Laser cutter/engraver:
Laserpro Spirit 40W
(74x46 cm)

3D CNC milling machine:
2 x Shopbot PRS Alpha
2500 x 1250 x 70mm (x,y,z)


Pneumatic parallel lift:
Eickmeyer Parapress SP 100/200

Exposure unit:
Fellesverkstedet UV 100/150

Inkjet printer:
Epson Sure color T7200 - 110

Various flat stock gauge screens (90, 110, 150) in many sizes, some textile screens

Water based ink system with various printing bases and lots of color pigments

Dual-cure emulsion or direct stencils


Sliding table panel saw/ Sirkelsag: Altendorf WA80TE

Thicknesser/ Tykkelseshøvel: Felder Format-4 Exact 63

Jointer/ Avretterhøvel:
Felder Format-4 Plan 51

Bandsaw/ Båndsag: Rapid


Production Space:
100 m2 +
9m to ceiling

Compound miter saw:
Milwaukee MS305

Building saw:
Gjerdesag 1603

Work lights
Production tables
Divs hand tools
Div electric tools


In june 2015 we bought a new factory, Seilduksgata 29 in Grünnerløkka. While we renovate this new building we’ll be continuing to run our facilities at Urtegata 11.

Right back in the beginning before Fellesverkstedet even existed we established two criteria for successful development:

-1. A location that was affordable and allowed for long-term investment
-2. A living wage for the organizations employees.

We’re pretty excited; by buying Seilduksgata 29 we’re at least 50% of the way there!

For 3 years we’ve been trying to find a responsible investment package for our current pilot location, Urtegata 11. We love the building and the area but in March 2014 our final plan was turned down and we were left in a rather unstable and potentially catastrophic situation. With no new leads on the table and limited manpower we made the decision in August 2014 to close down the facilities and concentrate all of our energies on finding a new location. It was a simple choice, no location = no Fellesverkstedet.

In October 2014 we found Seilduksgata 29, or more to the point, we rediscovered it (we’d considered the space for the pilot project). The owners Seilduksgaten 25/31 AS/ Naturbetong were open for a sale and so the negotiations began! By the end of the year we’d arrived at the first version of the contract and with help from Kulturrådet and Oslo Kommune we'd secured 90% of the sale price and initial renovation costs. In 2015 the negotiations continued, point for point, month by month, until on the 30th of June we signed the deal!

Seilduksgata 29 or “Støperiet” was originally built by De forende Norske Laase- og Beslagfabrikker in 1915. They would later become Scandinavia’s largest producers of lock systems, Trio Ving. The building has stood the test of time but needs renovating, and that’s our next plan.

We’re now in the final planning stages and hope to begin the renovation process this autumn. It’s a complicated process and is going to take some time. Right now we can’t say exactly when we’ll be finished but we’ll be coming back to you all with the details when they’re established.

Beyond our own direct needs, we mean that the purchase of our own building represents an important reference for cultural activity in Norway, and more particularly Oslo. By buying and owning we not only take responsibility for securing our own future; we place our feet firmly on the ground and create a foothold in the center of one of the worlds most expensive property markets. By making this step we take an active role in urban planning and make decisions that create the city that we want. From now on, what we invest, we invest directly in ourselves and our community!

So what now? Well we’re going to have to put a lot of our energies into Seilduksgata, but while this is going on we’ll be running Fellesverkstedet from Urtegata 11. We’ve purchased some fantastic new machines and re-jigged the facilities. We’ve also a new business model that’s been tested throughout the spring and summer that allows for a far wider variety of projects and helps secure more stable working conditions for both Fellesverkstedet and our users.

See you all soon! The future is bright!


Fellesverkstedet is a simple concept. It's about the infrastructure everyone needs to get their ideas out into the physical world. Production facilities, and assistance under the same roof, where you can make anything you want, at a price that everyone can afford.

That's a big idea, but we mean it! The finished facility is not open yet, but our pilot project at Urtegata 11 is still up and running. If you've got an idea, if you want to make something, or if you just need some advice, get in touch and we'll see what we can do!

If you want to keep an eye on our progress and what's going on, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or click here and sign up for our newsletter.


Fellesverkstedet is a communal effort, a working proof that by gathering together around a common goal, a group of persistent and dedicated people are capable of turning an idea into reality, no matter how utopian it might appear.

graham hayward

project leader

The tiny man with the big idea and the captain of the ship. He's got a foot in every small and every big move Fellesverkstedet makes and carries the load like a real viking.

jens dyvik

Research and Development

There's few out there who've got Jens' skill set. He's used the last 2 years visiting Fablabs around the world, teaching, pushing the limits of open source design and making things in ways people have never thought to make things before.

linn horntvedt

screen print

Linn's worked with just about everyone, from Norways biggest artists and designers to schools and universities. If you want to screen print, this is the lady.

Hans Christian Skovholt

3D Design, CNC

Hans Christian can turn his hand to pretty much anything but if it involves CAD, electronic and fabrication he's pretty much the most useful person you can meet. And...he has a fine selection of hats!

ane thon knutsen


With a Masters in book printing and a truckload of lead and steel she explores ways to print that is the new school of letterpress. She knows all the old printers and will share their secrets.

sondre bjørnebye solheim


A house cat in every true sense of the word, he is shaping Fellesverkstedet with his delicate piano playing hands. He wishes he was 5 inches tall so that he could move into his scale models.

ilker dursun


If you want to get geeky about wood, this is your man. There's not much that he can't do, whether it's cabinet making, boat building or cutting trees into two, Ilkers been there and done it!

erling knudsen

design and illustration

Erling can draw, everyone knows that, but he's been with Fellesverkstedet from the start and knows the ins and outs of everything that goes on…sometimes his beard grows a little large and can get in the way.

geir backe altern


There's not much Geir's not had his hands in. This is a man who arrives at innovative solutions when you need them. He's also pretty dandy in the kitchen.

lars cuzner

art relations

The Swedish philantrope and artist who is a social animal and only makes deals come true when everyone is the benefactor, regardless if they know it or not.


Fellesverkstedet is something new, it's a different way of working, there are other places out there that work in a similar way, but it hasn't happened before in Norway. In order that we get it right and receive the support and advice we need we are collaborating with a number of different organisations. Here's a presentation of some of those who are involved at present:

arts council norway


Our biggest financial partner and an invaluable source for advice and guidance. Kulturrådet have been incredibly supportive right from day one when we walked into the office
and layed our cards on the table.

oslo kommune


The local council have been fantastic to us. In addition to helping to finance our operational costs, they've designated our new building in Seilduksgata 29 as a cultural centre, and given us a fantastic grant to help renovate the building.

sparebankstiftelsen dnb


An important supporter of charitable initiatives, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB makes a major effort in helping cultural projects reach the public. We're honored to receive a grant, which goes directly into establishing a permanent shared workshop space
in the heart of Oslo.

unge kunstneres samfund


Right back in the beginning, when Fellesverkstedet was just a group of friends with a crazy idea, UKS believed in us and gave us a travel grant so that we could go and look at similar facilities. Without them, the chances
of us being here would have been dramatically reduced.


Here's a selection of articles that have been published about us. It's always nice when someone's got something to say! If you need any detailed information about what we do it's just a matter of sending us a mail and we'll sort things out.


Fellesverkstedet med nytt lokale

A nice little update about Seilduksgata 29 and our coming plans for 2015/16


klar over problemet

Published 24.08.15. This is response from Hallstein Bjercke (Byråd for kultur og næring) to Klassekampens article "Kulturen presses ut av Oslo". "Bjerke mener Fellesverkstedet har forstått problemet!


tenker stort bak liten port

Published 18.02.12. It's all about our plans for Urtegata 11, our ideas about production and Marianne Vitales bridge project.


Fra stengt verksted til åpen inkubator

Published 11.09.14. What's the plan for autumn/winter 2014?


oslo gjør mest

Published 04.04.14. This is response from Hallstein Bjercke (Byråd for kultur og næring) to Klassekampens article "Stor mangel på atelierer". Note the second from last paragraph!

unge kunstneres samfund


Published 03.04.14. This is not an article but a rapport. Unge Kunstneres Samfund has launched a rapport produced by Telemarksforsking. Finally facts are available that describe the current working conditions of artists in Norway.


stor mangel på atelierer

Published 03.04.14. The article's about the results from Unge Kunstneres Samfund's artist studio survey. It's not a pretty situation! Klassekampen were at Fellesverkstedet to look at some of the solutions we've already managed to put in place.

aftenposten k


This article is not directly about Fellesverkstedet, it's about Jan Christensen, but the article deals with many issues that are at the heart of Fellesverkstedets mission. The changing face of artistic production.

Credit: Hanna Stoltenberg, Aftenposten K, November 2013


åpen dør

Published 08.12.13. This is about our neighbourhood. Fellesverkstedet joined forces with the planning authorities, the mosque and salvation army. Everyone opened their doors for the day in order to attract attention to what we all do and put some focus on our little corner of Oslo.



Published 06.09.13. The article's about KHIO's Pang Start course and all that went down over the course of those two days. You can find more information in our 'Projects' section.


seks millioner til fellesverkstedet

Published in the 7th edition of 2012. The title says everything, we'd just found out that Kuturrådet (Arts Council Norway) had allocated 6 million kroner to the project!

the organisation

Fellesverkstedet is organised as a non-profit members organisation (Forening) bound by a constitution (vedtekter). You don’t need to be a member in order to use our facilities, but if you have, you can apply to be a member (free). Members can attend our yearly meeting and have the opportunity to decide how the organisation is run and choose who sits on the board.


The rules and regulations that bind Fellesverkstedet together.
As a legal document they are only available in Norwegian.

§ 1 Navn og organisering

  • 1.1 Foreningens navn er Fellesverkstedet.

  • 1.2 Fellesverkstedet ble stiftet 18. oktober 2011.
  • 1.3 Fellesverkstedet har sitt sete i Oslo, Norge.

§ 2 Formål

  • 2.1 Fellesverkstedet har som formål å utarbeide løsninger for å gi kunstnere og andre kreative mennesker tilgang til rimelige produksjonsfasiliteter i Norge.

§ 3 Fasiliteter og brukere

  • 3.1 Fellesverkstedets fasiliteter og dets tilbud er åpne for alle som vil fremføre prosjekter av kunstnerisk og annen kreativ art.

§ 4 Medlemmer og medlemskap

  • 4.1 Medlemskap i Fellesverkstedet er gratis.
  • 4.2 Medlemskap i Fellesverkstedet søkes gjennom eget skjema utarbeidet av Fellesverkstedet, vedlagt nødvendig dokumentasjon.
  • 4.3 Medlemskap kan kun gis hvis søkeren har vært en betalende bruker av Fellesverkstedets fasiliteter i løpet av de foregående 12 måneder.
  • 4.4 Søknader skal vurderes av Fellesverkstedets styre fortløpende.
  • 4.5 Utmelding av Fellesverkstedet skjer skriftlig.

§ 5 Stemmerett og Valgbarhet

  • 5.1 Alle medlemmer har stemmerett og er valgbare til tillitsverv i Fellesverkstedets organer:
  • i. Årsmøte (§6)
  • ii. Styret (§9)
  • iii. Nominasjonskomité (§10)

§ 6 Årsmøte

  • 6.1 Årsmøtet er Fellesverkstedets øverste organ. Styret innkaller medlemmene til årsmøtet med 1 måneds varsel. Medlemmer kan fremme forslag til saker som ønskes behandlet på årsmøtet. Forslag til saker må være styret i hende senest 14 dager før årsmøtet skal finne sted. Fullstendig saksliste må være tilgjengelig for medlemmene senest 1 uke før årsmøtet finner sted.
  • 6.2 Årsmøtet kan bare behandle saker som står på sakslisten.

  • 6.3 Alle medlemmer har adgang til årsmøtet. Årsmøtet kan invitere andre personer og/eller media til å være til stede.
  • 6.4 Årsmøtet er beslutningsdyktig når den er lovlig innkalt. Hvert medlem har en stemme. Stemmegivning kan ikke skje ved bruk av fullmakt.

§ 7 Årsmøtets oppgaver

  • 7.1 Årsmøtet skal:
  • i. Behandle Fellesverkstedets årsmelding
  • ii. Behandle Fellesverkstedets regnskap

  • iii. Behandle innkomne saker som fremgår av sakslisten
  • iv. Vedta Fellesverkstedets budsjett
vi. Velge: 
a) Leder og nestleder b) Styremedlemmer c) Nominasjonskomité

§ 8 Ekstraordinært Årsmøte

  • 8.1 Ekstraordinært Årsmøte holdes når styret finner det nødvendig, eller minst en tredjedel av de medlemmene krever det.
  • 8.2 Ekstraordinært Årsmøte innkalles med 14 dagers varsel.

  • 8.3 Ekstraordinært Årsmøte kan kun behandle og ta avgjørelse i de sakene som er kunngjort i innkallingen.

§ 9 Styret

  • 9.1 Fellesverkstedet ledes av et styre på 1 styreleder, 1 nesteleder og minst 2 styremedlemmer.
  • 9.2 2 styreplasser må tildeles Fellesverkstedets medlemmer, 1 plass må tildeles en respresentant fra en fagorganisasjon, 1 plass kan tildeles fritt.
  • 9.3 Styreverv varer i 1 år. Den enkelte fagorganisasjon kan kun ha 1 styreverv hvert 3. år.

  • 9.4 Styret skal:
  • i. Iverksette vedtak fattet på årsmøtet

  • ii. Kontrollere og ha overordnet ansvar for forvaltning, drift og økonomi i Fellesverkstedet
  • 9.5 Styret skal holde møte når lederen finner det nødvendig eller et flertall av styrets medlemmer krever det.

  • 9.6 Styret er beslutningsdyktig når et flertall av styrets medlemmer er til stede. Vedtak fattes med flertall. Ved stemmelikhet teller styrelederens stemme dobbelt.

§ 10 Nominasjonskomité

  • 10.1 En nominasjonskomité på 2 medlemmer velges på hvert årsmøte.

  • 10.2 Nominasjonskomiteen skal nominere kandidater til Fellesverkstedets styreverv.

§ 11 Signaturrett/prokura

  • 11.1 Styrets leder tegner for Fellesverkstedet.
  • 11.2 Styret kan meddele prokura.

§ 12 Vedtektsendring

  • 12.1 Vedtektsendring krever 2/3 flertall på årsmøtet eller ekstraordinært årsmøte.

§ 13 Oppløsning

  • 13.1 Oppløsning av Fellesverkstedet kan bare behandles på ordinært årsmøte. Blir oppløsning vedtatt med minst 2/3 flertall, innkalles det til ekstraordinært årsmøte 3 måneder senere.

  • 13.2 Møtet tar stilling til hvordan Fellesverkstedets eiendeler skal anvendes videre i, fortrinnsvis i overensstemmelse med Fellesverkstedets formål, jfr. § 2.
  • 13.3 Sammenslåing med andre foreninger anses ikke som oppløsning av Fellesverkstedet. Vedtak om sammenslåing og nødvendige vedtektsendringer i tilknytning til dette treffes i samsvar med bestemmelsene om vedtektsendring, jfr. § 11.

  • Vedtektene er vedtatt på stiftelsesmøte i 2011. De er senere revidert i 2012, 2014


In 2012 Fellesverkstedet established a pilot project in a run-down factory building in the center of Oslo, and then made available a series of workshop spaces that were open to the public. Not just a collection of equipment, these spaces are an integrated environment where professional machines, assistance, and guidance are gathered under a single roof. The project, run as a practical research laboratory, is under constant development whose objective is simple: uncover the specific

production needs of Oslo's and Norway’s creative population with a focus on shared multidisciplinary infrastructure and production.

The pilot project continues to run while we implement its results in a permanent facility, Seilduksgata 29 that is currently under development! Here you can see some of the results from the Urtegata 11 pilot, including a selection of the more than 230 projects that were realised by our users.


Just send us an email or call us and we'll take it from there.

Vi snakker selvfølgelig også norsk!

Phone: (+47) 22 38 18 98

If you want to be kept up to date on our activities you can sign up for our newsletter:

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Postal Address

Postboks 9393 Grønland
0135 Oslo

Pilot Address

Urtegata 11
0187 Oslo


At Fellesverkstedet we have an active research and development program run by our staff, partners and friends.

Click on the pages below to access information about each project. You'll also find links to our GitHub open source repositories where you can follow each projects development, download files and partake in future development.

These projects are distributed under a Creative Commons license that allow them to be shared, and adapted by anyone for any purpose.

Hat Systems

Hat Systems is a general purpose storage system for workshop storage of tools and inventory.

The storage system is designed to be produced on a CNC milling machine (eg. ShopBot) with these basic principles in mind; modular, low-cost, heavy-duty/durable and spacious. The module sizes are designed to fit onto EUR-palett, with a footprint size of 120x80 centimeter. This allows them to be moved around easily in an production or workshop environment, or even transported between locations.

Hat Systems was originally developed for use in-house at Fellesverkstedet, now also in use at Bitraf, and open for reproduction across the world.

Here's a link to the repository where you can download files and partake in the projects development

First production run at Fellesverkstedet - Urtegata 11

Fabricatable Machines

We aim to make it as easy as possible for anyone to build the machines of their dreams. We have a lot of equipment here at Fellesverkstedet, but there's a limit to how many people we can help everyday. By helping anyone make their own machines we can greatly improve production capacity in our city.

A fabricatable machine is a computer-controlled fabrication machine that can be made using a standard set of existing computer-controlled machines; with minimal use of speciality parts, processes or skills. The type of machines include CNC-milling, lasercutters, and 3d-printers.

You can find all of the source files and current developments in the GitHub repository. We hope you would like to contribute to the development.