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2019 Fellesverkstedet


No membership or start up fees. Planning, consultation and training are free of charge. Otherwise it's a pay-as-you-go system. You pay an hourly rate while you're using the equipment* or floor space, and of course pay for the materials you use.

*Just while you're using a machine, not while you're thinking, measuring, or planning! Maybe you make a reservation for a whole day... that doesn't mean you'll be paying for 8 hours of machine time... literally no-one is that effective!

The pricing model is split between two different rates:

1. Regular prices when you get paid to produce or sell what you make

2. Subsidized prices when you invest your own time and money in your own project

It's the nature of your project and not who you are or what you do that decides which rate applies. Please read our FAQ or contact us if you have any questions. 




Machine use:

CNC: 560 kr/hr

Laser: 585 kr/hr

3D printer: from 8 kr/g

Woodshop: 600 kr/hr


Production hall*:

20 m2: 156 kr/hr

40 m2: 250 kr/hr

80 m2: 375 kr/hr


Printing press: 610 kr/hr

Positives: from 2.75 kr/cm
Screens: from 171 kr

Inks: 251 kr/l

Regular prices

Sales tax/mva included

Subsidised prices

Sales tax/mva included




Machine use:

CNC: 140 kr/hr

Laser: 146 kr/hr

3D printer: from 2 kr/g

Woodshop: 150 kr/hr


Production hall*:

20 m2: 39 kr/hr

40 m2: 63 kr/hr

80 m2: 94 kr/hr


Printing press: 153 kr/hr
Positives: from 2.75 kr/cm

Screens: from 171 kr

Inks: 251 kr/l

* Long-term discounts are available