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You only pay for what you actually use. There are hourly rates (the minimum charge is 15 min) for occupying and using equipment or floor space. As your project moves forward, the expenses are added up on your project form. A cost estimate that includes materials is drawn up in a pre-production meeting, so you have an idea of the total costs before you start producing.


Our staff will help you with planning, consultation and basic training. These services are always free of charge. If you need help with other tasks in your project, we encourage you to bring along your own help. If that’s not an option, we offer assistance as a paid service (must be reserved in a pre-production meeting).

The pricing model is split between two different rates. It's the nature of your project and not who you are or what you do that decides which rate applies. Please read our FAQ or contact us if you have any questions.

Regular prices

When you get paid to produce

or sell what you make

MVA included

Subsidised prices

When you invest your own time and money in your own project


MVA included

Start-up fee:

125 kr

Machine use:

Minimum charge of 15 minutes

CNC: 568 kr/hr

Laser: 593 kr/hr

Woodshop: 608 kr/hr

Printing press: 619 kr/hr

Production hall*:

20 m2: 158 kr/hr

40 m2: 254 kr/hr

80 m2: 380 kr/hr

Start-up fee:

125 kr


Machine use:

Minimum charge of 15 minutes

CNC: 199 kr/hr

Laser: 208 kr/hr

Woodshop: 213 kr/hr

Printing press: 216 kr/hr


Production hall*:

20 m2: 55 kr/hr

40 m2: 89 kr/hr

80 m2: 133 kr/hr


The materials for your production are decided on in a pre-production meeting. We use a wide range of suppliers, and can source almost any material. You can also bring your own.


In our shop you can buy drill bits, screws, inks, and so on, for a nice price.


From 875 kr/hr

Guidance, advice and training are always free of charge. We encourage you to bring a friend if you need help with simple tasks in your project, like moving materials or cleaning up digital files. If that's not an option, or if your tasks require specialised skills, we can offer assistance as an extra service. To make sure the required staff are available, a binding contract for specificied tasks and hours must be agreed upon in a pre-production meeting.

* Long-term discounts are available

Pricing examples

Example 1

Main technique: CNC  Project description: Furniture prototype

Example 2

Main technique: Print  Project description: Screen print, 2 layers, edition of 75



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