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Every space, tool and machine are available to our users. We also have our staff available to teach, guide and consult.


Below you'll find an overview of what is currently available, but if you don't see what you're looking for, don't fret. Get in touch and just ask us, we are in a constant process of development!

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Production hall

Are you making something massive, that requires logistics, weeks of production and a whole team of people? Need a little extra space to glue and screw something together for an hour or so? Our production hall is a flex-space that can be adapted to your needs.

Monteringshall ferdig.png
Production hall

Our 2nd floor is a multi-use space. Here you’ll find our 3D-printers, laser cutter, vinyl cutter and large format printer. And if the production hall is occupied; more floor space to work on any project. This is also where you’ll find S29 Studios, the break room and office. The mezzanine is still under development.


3D printers
 x Prusa i3 MK3

Laser engraver/cutter
GCC Spirit LS 40W

Vinyl cutter
Roland GS-24

Large format printer
Epson SC-T7200

CNC milling

Do you need to make something with micro millimetre precision, carve out a complex 3D shape, or do you need 100 of the same thing. On our 3-axis bots you can produce almost anything. If you can draw it... we can help you make it!


CNC milling machine 1
ShopBot PRSAlpha 96x48"


CNC milling machine 2
ShopBot PRSAlpha 96x48"


Need to cut a board in two or machine a few tonnes of raw oak? In the woodshop you'll find machines to make almost anything out of... wood - and of course staff are on hand to teach, guide and ask for advice.


Sliding table panel saw
Altendorf WA 80 TE

Felder Format4 Exact 63

Felder Format4 Plan 51

Griggio 600 SNA

Oscillating edge sander
Cormak BS8x120

Drill press
Somatec SSB 30


Spindle moulder
Felder F700Z


Want to make editions of art prints, posters for a gig, or print directly on... well... almost anything that's flat? The print department specialises in water based flat stock screen printing and is Fellesverkstedet's oldest production area. Our staff will happily pass on their knowledge.


Screen printing press
Eickmeyer SP 100x200


Intaglio + relief press
Krause 66


Paper cutter
110 cm

Break room

When you're working hard, everyone needs a space to retreat, get a bite to eat and recharge. Grab a cup of coffee, open up your lunch box, or make yourself some food and feel at home. It's a break room... put your feet up and relax!

Photo: Anders Stensland Olsen

Break room
Artboard 1.png
Under development

The workshops are constantly evolving to meet our users' needs, and we also have some cards up our sleeve. We've already started planning the next stage of the factory's development with the implementation of new core facilities. Stay tuned!

Under development
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