Frequently asked questions

How do I get started?

It's a simple matter of getting in touch. Send us an email, phone us, or drop-in for a chat. Tell us a little about what you want to make, and we take it from there!

Are you open on the evenings and weekends?

We're afraid not! Extended opening hours are something that is outside of our current operating budget. In order to ensure the appropriate levels of health and safety, and give our users the training and guidance they need, our facilities have to be staffed. That's our biggest expense. At the present time our resources are focused on the period when the majority of our users need access, and that's during normal working hours.

Do you have materials available?

We have over 200 suppliers, through whom we can source almost anything. Give us a little notice and your materials will be waiting for you when you arrive! We also have a wide selection of leftovers that are available to use, and of course, if you want to bring your own materials, that's fine as well!

Do I need to book time in advance?

Not necessarily, you can just drop-in and get started, especially if it's something simple, but... We normally recommend that you book in advance. This allows us to ensure that the machines or space you need are available, and that the right members of staff are in-house to help with the specific nature of your production.

Do you run courses, and how much do they cost?

We don't run courses, it's not necessary. We've tried many different training models over the years and have arrived at the decision that one-to-one training based on what each user needs works much better. The knowledge gained sits better, and it gives us the possibility to tailor training in a much more effective and detailed manner. It's a concept we call "Just in time, not just in case".

Can I bring my own tools?

We'd prefer that you don't, we have a huge selection of hand and electric tools that are available to our users. If there's something we don't have, we're always interested in expanding our library.

Is it possible to rent storage?

We unfortunately don't have space for long-term storage, but as often as not we can store ongoing projects for a short period of time.

How much does it cost?

Access, consultation and training are free, you just pay for the machines and tools while you’re using them. Commercial projects pay full-price, but we have subsidised prices for all other projects (65% off). For more information check out our prices.

Can I weld at Fellesverkstedet?

Quick answer: Not as yet!

Long answer: The metal workshop is not up and running at the present time. First and foremost, we didn't manage to attract the financing for the extra staff in this year's operating budget. Secondly, we are also unsure as to how the metal workshop should be. We know this is annoying, but we are working towards a resolution. If you've time to drop-in, we'd love to show you around and talk about your needs so that we can make more informed decisions about future development.