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Coronavirus measures at Fellesverkstedet

With regard to the Norwegian governments Covid-19 measures, and an ongoing evaluation of our day to day operations, we will be temporarily running at a reduced capacity.


Fellesverkstedet's social responsibility has first and foremost always been focused on the creators and practitioners of the cultural industry. In the past, with ekstra capacity, our doors have been open to anyone. We now have to prioritise helping our professional users within the art & design industry so that they are able to re-establish their careers and businesses. This means that private projects, which are not part of your professional work, such as hobby and renovation, will not be given priority.

Guidelines for Fellesverkstedet from May 11th:


- Users in need of guidance by staff can make reservations Monday - Wednesday.

- Certified super-users* can also make reservations Thursday - Friday

- All hobby and private project requests will be declined. Only professional praxis will be prioritized.

- Access to our facilities is by appointment only. For bookings and enquiries contact us by e-mail:, or through the messaging service on this website

- The entrances are kept locked and reception is unmanned. Users, couriers and other scheduled visitors must call 22 38 18 98 to enter.

- Strict procedures for hand-washing and hygiene, as well as the number of users in the building, are in place.

- We ask that all users and visitors who feel they can carry a risk of infection take responsibility and stay at home.

- Opening hours will be Mon-Fri 9-16.

- Pre-production meetings will resume, and are booked at set times weekly.

- Please keep your appointments.

* Super-user are users who have used our facilities frequently and proven that they can work without the help and guidance of employees at Fellesverkstedet. Certification can only be granted by Fellesverkstedet and is an agreement based on our health & safety criteria.

Coronavirus measures
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